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Public speaking, storytelling, vocal coaching and creative writing from the perspective of professional musicians

An artistic point of view on public speaking, performing, storytelling and creative writing.

The music in speech



Our aim is to shift good public speakers to great ones. Whether it is an elevator pitch, a team meeting, a keynote speech or any other form of public speaking, we don't believe there is one recipe for everyone to follow in order to blow their audience away. 

Great minds think, but don't necessarily speak alike; in the same way a song is only as moving as the one performing it, a speech is intertwined with the speaker's personal identity.

As professional artists with years of experience in the field of performing arts, we know exactly what it takes to be in the spotlight on stage to not only grab your audience’s full attention - but keep it. With an artistic perspective, we offer a different, eye-opening view on how to get your story across. We’ll shift your speech from being heard to being remembered.


To keep you busy during the Corona quarantine we offer free lessons on storytelling and public speaking. Join our classroom and improve your skills from your own living room!

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Monday May 18
[20:00 - 20:30 CEST]
Virtual lesson by Merit

An introduction to the structure of a story and how added elements can have a great influence on what you want to convey. That has to do with expectations, engagement, emotions and surprise.


Monday May 25
[20:00 - 20:30 CEST] 
Virtual lesson by Desirée

Why do some voices sound pleasant, while others can sound a bit annoying? Colouring your voice can be an important part of getting your audience engaged and keeping them focussed. We'll cover all the techniques to start painting with your voice. 


Monday June 1
[20:00 - 20:30 CEST] 

Virtual lesson by Merit

Some verbs have a bigger impact than other verbs. In this class, I reflect on the effect of verbs and illustrate with some easy exercises how they can brighten up your story and increase the power of your message.


Monday June 8 
[20:00 - 20:30 CEST] 
Virtual lesson by Desirée

Vowels and consonants are the foundation of every good speech, but overusing or underusing them can be detrimental. Together we will discover how to articulate efficiently so you can get your message across without too much effort.


"Let's talk about us" - Van Morrison

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Martin Lambert

"My pitch has been shifted. I booked the 'tiger in a spotlight' class in English which unfortunately had some last minute cancellations which made it unviable to run, but Desiree offered me the chance of a 1:1 session instead; Great half-day and I effectively got a private class. Learned loads in a welcoming and caring atmosphere from a skilled, observant and friendly voice coach. Excellent, unusual fun."


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The Pitchshifters organize workshops and trainings throughout the Netherlands and won’t hesitate to cross the borders when the opportunity presents itself. Take a look at our upcoming events to find out when we are near you or shoot us a message if you are looking for individual coaching. 


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Who are The Pitchshifters?

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We believe there are a lot of similarities between giving a concert and giving a speech: you want to make a lasting impression on your audience. There is the set of ground rules, skills and methods that lay the foundation; this goes for both artists and public speakers.

We don’t only want you to discover those tools; we want to help you use them in a way that suits you best. This means we will go in depth to improve your individual, personal storytelling or writing skills as well as your performance and the impact of your voice.

Our courses and trainings focus on emphasizing your own unique qualities, in order to make your story resonate with your audience as if it were a song they can sing along to.


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