As internationally performing artists we are used to writing, speaking and performing in English. This is why we also offer personal coaching (be it online or in real life) and tailor-made masterclasses in English. Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities!


In this session everything is about you! We’ll be working on your challenges and questions to achieve your goals, whether it’s putting your story together for your next presentation or training your voice to speak with more impact at the upcoming board meeting. 


To work on something as personal as creating your own story or finding out who you are as a performer could be a bit scary. We are very aware of that and therefore always create a friendly atmosphere to make you feel comfortable enough to try new things and to open yourself up. You’ll be amazed how much you can accomplish in just a few hours of hard work and fun, accessible exercises, all with a good cup of coffee in hand.



Two essential elements of speaking in public are the way you use your voice and the way you present yourself. Both are evenly important and therefore intertwined. In this series of masterclasses we’ll discover your innate sound, healthy techniques to be in control of your voice and tools to feel confident in any spotlight. 



A truthful and engaging story is the key to a successful presentation. It provides meaning and depth to any message you aim to get across, be it verbal or written. This series of masterclasses helps you to find and advance your creativity, develop and polish your narrative and shift your story from being heard to being remembered.


Her passion for music, performing and the human voice started at an early age. As young as 15, Desirée released her full-length debut album, followed by a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Singing, Performance and Composition at the Utrecht School of the Arts. 

Intrigued by emotional expression through the voice or a performance, it is with the same untamable vivacity that, during her coaching sessions, she’ll dive into this interesting world with you to come back to the surface with new ideas, more knowledge of your own vocal abilities and grown self-confidence.

Breathing the love for stories and music alike, a songwriting career wasn’t a surprising choice for Merit. After a Bachelor’s degree in Pop Music: Songwriting and a Music Technology: Composition and Performance Master’s degree, several Creative Writing courses and years of experience both as a music coach and an autonomous performer, she now manages to create a unique open-minded working environment when coaching individuals and groups. 

She loves kindling flames, changing perspectives and getting people to positively surprise themselves, and does so with a contagious energy and a warm talent for making anyone feel right at ease.