Her passion for music, performing and the human voice started at an early age. As young as 15, Desirée released her full-length debut album, followed by a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Singing, Performance and Composition at the Utrecht School of the Arts. Beside her autonomous projects, she works as a backing vocalist with several solo artists, founded and runs the progressive singing school The Vocal Arts Academy (over 100 students and counting) and yet still finds time to be a driving force within the Pitchshifters team.  

Intrigued by emotional expression through the voice or a performance, it is with the same untameable vivacity that during her coaching sessions she’ll dive into this interesting world with you to come back to the surface with new ideas, more knowledge of your own vocal abilities and grown self-confidence.


Breathing the love for stories and music alike, a songwriting career wasn’t a surprising choice for Merit. After a Bachelor’s degree in Pop Music: Songwriting and a Music Technology: Composition and Performance Master’s degree, several Creative Writing courses and years of experience both as a music coach and an autonomous performer, she now manages to create a unique open-minded working environment when coaching individuals and groups. Being a curious and adventurous traveler that never leaves the house without a notebook and a pair of headphones, she developed a keen eye and ear for stories of any kind.

She loves kindling flames, changing perspectives and getting people to positively surprise themselves, and does so with a contagious energy and a warm talent for making anyone feel right at ease.