We met while both finishing a master’s degree in Music: Composition & Performance on the HKU (Academy for the Arts) in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Soon we discovered a mutual fascination for the art of storytelling and performance, and a shared interest in challenging ourselves with wild ideas and new perspectives. Joining forces, we founded The Pitchshifters: a company that not only combines our passions and strengths, but also shares them with those who are eager to dive deeper.


Learn how to present yourself or your business the way artists have done for over decades. All your presentations, blogs/articles, podcasts, website texts and promotion videos will shift from good to exceptional after working with us.


Strengthen your story, image, presence and performance. We’ll guide you from the first spark of creativity to the moment when it’s showtime with fun and simple exercises, examples from successful artists, practice strategies and much more. 


“That sounds great, Pitchshifters, but how on earth could you know so much about the creative processes and image building of an artist if you’re a business coach?”

The answer is short and simple: we are artists. With our combined passion for music and art, our Master of Music degrees, our knowledge about performing and writing songs we can safely say we are the right women for the job! Our journey from being a hobbyist to being a professional artist is much more similar to your journey in becoming a successful public speaker than you might think. We took our experience and transformed it into useful trainings for everyone who would like to improve their public speaking skills. 


But beware! If you’re looking for a standard method to become the next TED speaker or if you’re hoping for a simple roadmap to make your business grow, then unfortunately our trainings are not meant for you. We are looking for people who are ready to take a closer look at themselves and who are trying to be authentic, instead of imitating others (aren’t you tired of all the Elvis imitators there are on this globe….? Let’s make some new music instead!). By working with us you will become your own coach creating your own method that applies to only you. 


"I'm getting motivated to improve my skills, but dear Pitchshifters, what subjects can you help me with?" Our masterclasses and coaching sessions cover all subjects concerning public speaking. From voice techniques and posture exercises to writing a powerful pitch and spicing up your vocabulary. Check out our masterclasses page for more information and course modules or get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities for personal coaching